20 March 2012

Youtube-dl - Download YouTube Videos from command line in Ubuntu

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Youtube-dl is a small command line program to download video from Youtube.

How to use Youtube-dl

Step 1. open terminal and type

$ sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

Step 2.Updating to latest stable version

$ sudo youtube-dl -U

Step 3. Download any youtube video

$ youtube-dl [youtube video URL]

downloading video using youtube-dl

Step 4. Give different file name to the video

$ youtube-dl -o video_name.flv  [youtube video URL]

Default downloading location is your Current directory

Step 5. Some videos require username and password in before you download them

$ youtube-dl -u user_name -p password [youtube video URL]

Step 6. For more options type

$ youtube-dl --help

Enjoy :)

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