08 February 2013

Bash Keyboard shortcuts to speed up your Work


Bash is an incredibly powerful shell, and being proficient with it can make a massive difference in your productivity. Here are My favorite Bash Keyboard Shortcuts to increase your speed and efficiency while working with Terminal.

* For shortcuts involving Alt, you may be able to use Esc instead.
* Sometimes, you must use Esc instead of Alt, because the Alt shortcut conflicts with another shortcut.

Commands for Moving

1. Ctrl + a : Move to the beginning of the Line.

2. Ctrl + e : Move to the end of the Line.

3. Ctrl + f : Move cursor forward one character.

4. Ctrl + b : Move cursor backward one character.

5. Ctrl + xx : Toggle between start of the line and current cursor position.

6. Alt/Esc + b : Move backward one word

7. Alt/Esc + f : Move forward one word.

Commands for Editing

1. Ctrl + u : Delete the line before the cursor.

2. Ctrl + d : Delete character under the cursor

3. Ctrl + h : Delete character before the cursor (same as backspace).

4. Ctrl + w : Cut the Word before the cursor to the clipboard.

5. Ctrl + k : Cut the Line after the cursor to the clipboard.

6. Alt/Esc + t : Swap current word with previous

7. Ctrl + t : Swap the last two characters before the cursor.

8. Ctrl + y : Paste the last thing to be cut.

9. Ctrl + _ : Undo

10. Ctrl + Shift + v : Paste anything in Terminal.

11. Ctrl + Shift + c : Copy from Terminal.

12. Esc + c : Move the cursor to the right one "word", capitalizing while moving.

13. Esc + l : Move the cursor to the right one "word", making lower case while moving.

14. Esc + u : Move the cursor to the right one "word", making upper case while moving.

Process Control Commands

1. Ctrl + c : Interrupt/Kill current running process.

2. Ctrl + z : Move current process to background.

That's it. There are many more shortcuts, you can check them on Wikipedia

Hope you Enjoyed it. Have a nice day :) .

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  2. Hi, and thank you for sharing these commands, it makes my work easy in less time.
    Thank you once again...!