17 December 2012

Saidar - See your system statistics from command line in Ubuntu

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Saidar is curses based command line tool to display system statistic such as CPU usage, processes count, load, memory utilization ,swap utilization, network traffic and disks I/O.

How to install

To install Saidar in Ubuntu, run the following command in terminal ( Alt + Ctrl + t)

$ sudo apt-get install saidar

How to run it ?

Once installed, You can run Saidar by running following command in terminal

$ saidar

how to install saidar in ubuntu

You can use -c option with Saidar to display color data.

$ saidar -c

saidar color output

To see other options of saidar, run the following command in terminal

$ saidar --help

That's it.
Enjoy :)

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