15 December 2012

Oneko - Let the Cat chase your Mouse pointer all over the Screen

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Oneko is a cross-platform and open-source animated little fun application in which a cute cat chase your mouse pointer all over the screen. Neko is a Japanese word which means "cat".

How to install

To install Oneko app in Ubuntu, open terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t) and write the following command

$ sudo apt-get install oneko

How do I start Oneko ?

Simply type the following command in terminal

$ oneko

oneko app in ubuntu


1. Let the dog chase your mouse pointer

$ oneko -dog

oneko app in ubuntu

Note: Other options that you can use in place of dog in above command are:

  • -tora
  • -sakura
  • -tomoyo

2. Change foreground and background color of the animal

$ oneko -dog -fg green -bg red

how to install cat and mouse app in ubuntu

3. Let multiple animals chase your mouse pointer

$ oneko &
[1] 4826
$ oneko -dog -fg red -bg green &
[2] 4827
$ oneko -tomoyo &
[3] 4829

multiple animals in oneko

To see all the other options that are available for Oneko, write the following command in terminal

$ oneko --help

That's it.
Enjoy this little fun app :)

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