26 February 2012

Different Package Format in Linux

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Different Package Format in Linux

Packages are distribution of Software , application and data. Different distro of Linux uses different file format for packages , Some of the famous file formats are

Package Name Distribution
apk Used on Anroid
deb Debian Package , Used by Debian,Ubuntu and Mint
RPM RPM Package Manager Used by RedHat , OpenSuse , Mandriva Linux and Fedora
pkg.tar.xz Used by Arch Linux Pacman Package Manager
PiSi Used by Pardus
tar.gz or tgz standard tar + gzip, possibly with some extra control files — used by Slackware and others, or sometimes when distributing very simple handmade packages
SuperDeb an installer containing a program plus all the dependencies needed, used in Super OS.
LZM Used by slax
PUP and PET Used by Puppy Linux

These are the famous package formats. There are still many more available for different linux distros.

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