14 March 2014

Basic Linux MCQ Questions for Beginners (Linux Processes) - Set 6


linux Question and answer in linux
This is set 6 in the ongoing series of MCQ. Hope you have enjoyed the other parts of the series. In this set we will cover questions related to Linux processes as processes are fundamental part of the Linux system. So lets get started


What is ppid(parent process id) of daemon process in Linux ?

any arbitrary number


Option B is correct, As daemon process are initiated by init process(Pid is 1). You can see all your system daemon process by running following command
$ cd /etc/init.d && ls
See all your currently running daemon process by executing following command
$ ps -ef | awk '$3 == 1'


What is context switch?

Process switches from user mode to kernel mode

Process switches from kernel mode to user mode

Kernel switches from one process to another process

None of these

When kernel switches from one process to another process, then this process of switching is known as context switch. On context switch kernel save the state of the process, so when it switch back to that process, it can start it from the point it left it.


Maximum number of processes exist in Linux system ?





Option A is correct. Number of process in a Linux system depends upon the highest value that can be assigned to the process. By default in linux it is 32768. You can check it by running following command
$ cat cat /proc/sys/kernel/pid_max


Which of the following command keep a process running even after you logout from your shell?





nohup is a command which keeps your process running in background even after you logout from shell. Use nohup as follows
$ nohup process_name &
Note: & used to run process in background, so above process will run background and it will continue to do so even after you logout from system.


What is the range of nice number in linux system ?

0 to 19

-20 to 19

-20 to 0

-10 to 10

Option B is correct. In linux priority of a process is indicated by nice number ranges from -20 to +19. Lesser the value of nice, greater the priority of the process. You can see nice value of process by running following command.
$ ps -efl
Note: Field NI indicates the nice value of that process


On success fork return ______ to parent process ?



parent process id

child process Id

Option D is correct answer.


Which of the following command kill all the process including shell ?

kill kill 0

kill -9 kill 0

kill -s kill 0

Both B and C

Option D is correct.


Which of the following statement is true ?

echo $$ return PID of login shell and echo $? return status of last command

echo $$ return status of last command and echo $? return PID of login shell

echo $$ and echo $? return some integer value of no significance

All of the statements are false

Option A is true. $$ and $? are shell variables which return PID of login shell and status of last command respectively.
$ echo $$
$ echo $?


Priority of the process can be changed using which of the following command ?




Not allowed to change process priority

Option C is correct. We can change process priority using renice command
$ renice -n nice_value -p process_id(s)


In _______ state of a process, the process will be terminated and the information will still be available in the process table.





option C is correct.
When process die it immediately moves to zombie state. It remains in this state until the parent picks up the child's exist status from the process table. A zombie process is a harmless dead child but you can't kill it. You can kill it by killing its parent process.

That's it. Let me know your suggestion and feedback in comment section.
Hope you Enjoyed the MCQ :)

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