10 December 2012

First Look of Gnome 3.8 - Beautiful and Attractive

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gnome  3.8
There is lot of excitement about Gnome 3.8 which is scheduled to be released on March 28, 2013 as Gnome 3.8 will be packed with new Apps, better Notification Mechanics, better Cloud Support, a more solid GTK (sync/framing with Mutter) and all the typical improvements to the whole of Gnome software stack. Matthias Clasen recently posted some pictures of upcoming Gnome desktop environment i,e Gnome 3.8 on official gnome blog. Have a look at the improvements, you might like it.

A new Setting panel for privacy control

gnome 3.8 new look

privacy control in gnome 3.8

gnome 3.8 privacy

Configurable shell search

gnome 3.8

Notification filtering

gnome 3.8 new features

A new power panel

gnome 3.8

A new Photos app

gnome 3.8

Enjoy :)

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