03 November 2012

Terminator(Terminal emulator) Keyboard Shortcuts

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install terminator in Ubuntu
Terminator is a GPL terminal emulator.It is the most popular terminal emulator. It is available on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other Unix X11 systems. Terminator will run on any modern POSIX system with Java 5 or later.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Terminator

Ctrl-Shift-E: Split screen Vertically.

Ctrl-Shift-O: Split screen horizontaly.

Ctrl-Shift-P: Focus on previous view.

Ctrl-Shift-N: Focus on Next view.

Ctrl-Shift-W: Close the view where the focus is on.

Ctrl-Shift-Q: Exit terminator.

Ctrl-Shift-X: Enlarge the active window.

Enjoy :)

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  1. More:

    ALT + → move to the view on the right
    ALT + ← move to the view on the left
    ALT + ↑ move to the view above
    ALT + ↓ move to the view below