19 November 2012

Install/Update GIMP 2.8 in Ubuntu 12.10/12.04 and Linux Mint 13/14

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GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an image retouching and editing tool and is released under the GPLv3 license as free and open-source software. GIMP is available for Mac , Windows and Linux.

GIMP has tools used for image retouching and editing, free-form drawing, resizing, cropping, photo-montages, converting between different image formats, and more specialised tasks. Animated images such as GIF and MPEG files can be created using an animation plugin.

Features of GIMP 2.8

  • Single-Window Mode
  • Multi-Column Dock Windows
  • More Screen Real Estate For Dockable Dialogs
  • Save And Export
  • Layer Groups
  • Tools Drawn With Cairo
  • On-Canvas Text Editing

To install GIMP 2.8 in Ubuntu 12.10/12.04 and Mint 13 , open terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t) and write the following commands

Step 1: Add GIMP Repository

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp

Step 2: Update sources.list

$ sudo apt-get update

Step 3: Install GIMP 2.8

$ sudo apt-get install gimp

Screenshots of GIMP 2.8

To see the version of GIMP open terminal and run the following command

$ gimp --version
GNU Image Manipulation Program version 2.8.2

That's it.
Enjoy :)

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