28 January 2012

How to Install VLC-Media Player in Linux

How to Install VLC-Media Player in Linux

                                        VLC is cross-platform , open-source and one the most famous media player . It supports vast variety of media formats , you can check the list .

1. To install VLC in Ubuntu , open terminal and type

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install vlc vlc-plugin-pulse mozilla-plugin-vlc

2. Alternatively go  to Application-->ubuntu software center , search for vlc and install it.

* I have already installed vlc media player that's why it is showing remove , but in your case it will show install.

3. Another Graphical method

a. Click on System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager.
In Settings -> Repositories, make sure you have an universe repository activated.

b. Search for vlc and install it, as well as vlc-plugin-pulse. You may also want to install mozilla-plugin-vlc.
If you are interested in streaming or transcoding, you should additionnally install libavcodec-extra-52 also.

4. Manual Method : If you have downloaded vlc media player package from vlc site in the form vlc-1.1.13.tar.bz2 , then install vlc manually by using following commands

a.  Go to Downloads  or directory in which your vlc package is residing in your system and type following commands 

1. Extract it to Desktop or any other directory

$ sudo tar -xvpjf vlc-1.1.13.tar.bz2 -C /home/sandeep/Desktop

2. Move to vlc directory

$ cd vlc-1.1.13

3. configure it.

$  ./configure --prefix=/usr   

4. Build it

$ make

5. Install it

$ sudo make install

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  1. can root user play media files using VLC Player

    1. I didn't get your question.
      do you want to know whether you can play vlc from terminal or not? Then answer is yes you can, type following command in terminal

      $ vlc [media_file_name]