28 September 2011

Types of Editors in Linux

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One of the greatest thing about Linux is that it has number of ways to do a particular task without affecting the outcome , same in the case of editors. Currently Linux has many editors which are used to edit files . These can be classified broadly into two categories:-

1. Text-based text editors

2. GUI (Graphical user interface) based editors

Text -based text editors

These type of editors do not have point and click features like it is in GUI based editors. All movements and editing are done by using keys or combination of keys.


1. It will run at anywhere .
2. Require minimal system requirement.
3. Work can be done much faster by using keyboard .


It will be painful to learn text- based text editors as one has to memorize each key or combination of keys .

Common text based editors are pico , Joe , VI , N edit .

GUI based text editors

These type of editors are same as editors present in windows have all the convenience of a click and mouse based application like copy , paste etc.


As these are GUI based so that they are easy to learn and use.

common example of GUI base editors are g vim(graphical version of vim) , g edit , Eclipse , Emacs .

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